The Creation

I am Bianca Block. 

I had the vision of a preschool which integrates - besides a strucutred kita life also nature exposure on a daily basis.

I worked as  a preschool teacher (Erzieherin) myself for 20 years now. Before the birth of my son in 2010 , i have founded together with my former business partner in Brooklyn, NY a german preschool "Das Kinderhaus".

The integration of forest days and regular preschool days into the curriculum combines a variety of early learning goals with experience in nature. In Brooklyn I implemented this curriculum with great success.

Besides the outdoordays - i find the values of peace, empathy, love, happiness, compassion, health and honesty very important for the children, the parents and all teachers.  It is our daily work  to live it.

Since we are a bilingual family, i integrated the natural aspect of 2 languages (like in a bilingual family) , english-german, into  kita life. 

Now , after 7 years of Kita life, I stepped back from the daily Kita work in groups to have time for the parts of my life which involve health and healing on all levels of our human life. I am still the business manager and coach of the team of the Kita.

Experience , Gratitude, Peace and Joy came and come along my way inwithin this beautiful Kita life. 

Thanks to everyone and me.