The Little Munchkins Kita is a heart project.

The kita is guided with a HOLISTIC view.

With the view as a mother, experienced educator, consultant, managing director and combined with the knowledge of social activity over the past 26 years and the positive holistic orientation in life .... have made the Kita Little Munchkins a place of wellbeing for children, families and employees.

I am Bianca Block. I am the founder and managing director of the Little Munchkins Kita.

After many years of social work and founding a German-speaking day care center in NY Brooklyn and becoming a mother, I started the Kita LM in 2011. The values ​​of awareness and becoming, peacefulness, love, closeness to nature, compassion, joy, health and authenticity on all levels were and are very important to me for all children, parents and employees. 

Today (spring 2020) I do the managing director part and consultant for the team and parents for the Kita.

My own colorful life has taught me a lot and with the 26 years of working with and on people, I have also become a coach - accompanyer - toucher for new ways and inner balance for the own soul path.

The "coaching" is suitable for all people, familys or social teams/companies who want to walk their own individual way and want to clarify their gifts and actions in their calling even more clearly - create something new - in the beauty that lives within everyone.

The miracle of life begins when we are ready to travel to ourselves inner journey and all the gifts we have brought and are allowed to share.

It is in us.