To all Familys seeking for a spot in our Kita. We ask you to read our concept and be aware that we are a small 24 children Kindergarden and have every year just a few spots available and many are reserved for our current sibling familys. The german language needs to have an active part at familys home.

Welcome to our Kita

Our bilingual, english german preschool "Little Munchkins" is open since September 2012.

We have max. 24 spots for children.

The children will grow up with us in 2 homogenous age groups. The younger group"Little Munchkins",  has 9 children with the age 2-3 years. The older group " Chipmunks" takes 15 kids with the age 4 up Til School begins.  The children need to be 2 years when they start with us (or nearly). Our aim is to provide for english-german speaking families a spot in a bilingual preschool, where their children can actively continue to experience the two languages that they speak at home. English should be one of the languages spoken at home. It is very important to us to facilitate forest days for the children. In addition to our regular preschool days, the children will experience the journey through the seasons, indoors and outdoors. Please take the time to read through our curriculum and website so that you can decide wheather Little Munchkins is a good fit for you and your child.