Open spot

Wir nehmen ab Januar 2021 Bewerbungen für Aufnahmen in 2021 (August)  auf die Warteliste.

Wir beginnen immer erst ab Januar des neuen Jahres die Warteliste des Jahres zu füllen.

Wir sind derzeit voll belegt.

Bitte senden Sie keine Bewerbungen für Kinder die noch nicht 2 Jahre sind! siehe Konzept, wir nehmen Kinder erst ab dem 2ten Lebensjahr auf

To all Familys seeking for a spot in our Kita. We ask you to read our concept and be aware that we are a small 24 children Kindergarden and have every year just a few spots available and many are reserved for our current sibling familys.                                                         

Application procedure 

We choose primarly english.-german speaking familys. The german language needs to have an active part at home. Since we are a bilingual Kita we can not serve the german language only and need the support by the parents.

There is an admission list with us. Anyone who would like to be on this list, write us an e-mail with the data of the child and the language and the age. We put children at the earliest 8 months before beginning (usually it is the month of August where the new admissions are) on the admission list. Please refrain from earlier registrations, as they will not be accepted by us. The list can be infinitely long and that's not realistic for our little kindergarten and families jump off without telling us. We take children from the 2nd year of life on and also mainly 2 year olds, because the natural slip system works so well ....... schoolchildren go, small children come .....

Furthermore, gender and language origins are important for us to keep the balance of male / female groups ..... and after all these facts it is also important that we are all sympathetic.

Sibling children have priority, of course, so the places in the summer are usually very low for new families.

Starting month is always the August of a year. Spontaneous places that are free in between are advertised in the News line (see above).

If you would like to apply for the waiting list or a spontaneous vacancy, write an e-mail to with your family details, including motivation to choose our kindergarten for your child.

We only write back to the families which are in our closer choice and this happens in March/April of the year of admission.

Good luck finding your most suitable place for your child and children.